Polo Match Time Clock with Chukkers


Countdown clock and chukka indication for polo shirt, for outdoors, red color, measures 120 cm. x 40cm x 7cm.
Cabinet front and bottom plastic aluminum frame.
Prepared to fix on larger structures already existing in wide angle led courts, greater than 120° so that it can be seen from any point.

Very high power leds so that they are seen in perfect condition even with the sun in front.
Cabinet suitable for outdoor use, although it must be protected from direct rain. No installation required, just hang and secure.
It is provided with a 12 V power supply and a remote cabinet (with telephone cable) to start and stop time with 5 mts. of cable.

It is already prepared to start the 6 minutes 30 seconds. Of each chukker and the 3-minute rest, at the end of a chukker the horn sounds and automatically starts counting the 3-minute rest and at the end of this period the horn sounds again and waits for the button to be pressed to start a new chukker which in turn is increased by the chukker indicator digit.


The time and chukkers marker works as follows: the clock starts at 7 minutes and indicates chukker 1.

With the referee’s order, the time starts running with the play button, and if it needs to be stopped, the pause button is used. The time runs downward until it reaches zero, at which point the buzzer sounds and adds another 30 seconds; and once it reaches zero, the buzzer sounds indicating the end of the chukker. Automatically, the clock starts counting the three minutes of rest, and when it reaches zero, the buzzer sounds indicating that it’s ready to start the second chukker. It stays there waiting for the referee’s order, and when they start the period, we press the play button again and the time starts running again (and so on).

By pressing both buttons at the same time, we advance to the next chukker in case there’s a need for correction. It’s not necessary to do this under normal conditions of use since the clock automatically increments the period each time the 7-minute count ends.

If we don’t want to hear the buzzer, we simply remove it with the key installed on the bottom of the scoreboard.


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